Belmond Charleston Place

The Belmont Charleston Place is not only one of the most established hotels in the whole of South Carolina, but is one legendary lodging that seems to have played a massive role in the revamp of the whole city of Charleston. The hotel is believed to have kick started Charleston’s revival.

It certainly set the city’s standards for graciousness and greatness in a city known for its amazing hospitality. Its lush rooms are awesome in their decoration. They are also awesome in terms of service and the cuisine is just out of this world.

With some of the finest shopping and eating places in the country’s south-east area close by, the location of the hotel could not have gotten any better. Thats not it folks, because Charleston’s popular historic homes, gardens and churches within short walks.

The Belmond Charleston Place truly a very important role behind the popularity of downtown Charleston. The Market, a vibrant tourist destination, is right in front of the hotel, while Waterfront Park, offering stunning harbor views, is a five-minute walk. The circling islands and beaches are barely a half hour drive.

Dominated by Charleston’s stellar design, the block façade of the lodging, worked in 1986, shows up non-descriptor however its conventional inside fittingly imitates the downplayed plushness that Charleston’s seventeenth and eighteenth century structures are known for.

A broad Georgian open-arm staircase, lavish ceiling fixtures and delightful bloom courses of action command the anteroom. Foyers and normal territories highlight nautical maps featuring Charleston’s oceanic history, and nearby workmanship, including quieted marshland depictions, gives a kind of the Low country area.

While the lodging’s normal zones can feel swarmed, the Charleston Place Spa is a desert spring of quiet and liberality. Like this hotel? What are you waiting for? Place your bookings online by sending us an email with all your details!

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