San Diego

Marriott Marquis

The two curved towers that make the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina stand, rise with pride against San Diego’s breathtaking skyline. The hotel is ideally located, not too far from the waters, and allows for gorgeous marina views that can be enjoyed from the rooms. You don’t get much better than this for exploring Downtown. The hotel is close to […]

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Grande Colonial Hotel

Not too far away from the La Jolla’s pristine shores, under the tall and beautiful palm trees, lies the Grande Colonial, a vintage, European-esque hotel dating back as early as 1913. The vintage wood-framed colonial apartments and hotel have been transformed to allow for a more modern look. This exotic, 93-room hotel, which still manages to remain faithful to its […]

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Catamaran Resort and Spa rooms booking, 2017

Right in front of the beach, a tropical-esque hotel, on the shores of Mission Bay and just across the water from Sea World, Catamaran Resort and Spa might just be the world class loading you are looking for in a place like San Diego. There’s a stunning restaurant, a nice bar, and stunning views of the bay and the Sea […]

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