Montage Palmetto Bluff

A former hunting point on the famous May River, Montage Palmetto Bluff is the place that any tourist in the world would enjoy in the Low country. Two years of total revamp under new management of Montage Hotels & Resorts has shifted the focus to the bucolic compound surrounding a beautiful white hotel where world class luxury rains rather than the old, ordinary stuff.

A short walk to the Georgia border via Savannah’s humpbacked Talmadge Memorial Bridge, Palmetto Bluff sits barely 20,000 acres from maritime forest.

Getting to the hotel itself is quite a lot of fun, which is probably the reason i am a returning guest here for my summer vacations. The resort is located on the edge of a long cinematic road lined with the Low country’s trademark live oaks, whose twisted boughs are ever so fashionably decorated with Spanish moss.

Once the guests are on board, a shining and breathtaking network of water lies ahead. Freshwater lagoons float into the world famous May River, which is right opposite to the resort and takes you to secret beaches.

Thats not it, do not forget the dolphin pods and eventually, the Atlantic Ocean! The furniture, the completions, even the tissue holders at Montage Palmetto Bluff address vigorous development and inside outline spending plans.

However, cheerfully, there’s an important absence of falsification and braggadocio. Driven by the amiable general chief, benefit is sterling from the spa specialists and the maids to the auto-nerd valet staff, who’ll considerably volunteer to sync your cell phone with your rental auto.

There are four distinct classes of lodging which are motel suites, guesthouses, bungalows and town homes. Regardless of changing in size and format, every one of the facilities share a typical plan vernacular. The expansive resort has many eating choices. The most upscale, Jessamine, is likewise the freshest setting.

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