The Wentworth Mansion

Unique and sleek with its outlook, the Went worth Mansion has a lot more to offer to its guests than just beautiful decor and furnishing. The hotel offers a beautiful and touching journey down memory lane.

This amazing 19th century house of a rich cotton merchant has been amazingly changed into a small luxury hotel featuring airy rooms, awesome décor and award-winning restaurant. A short walk from King Street shopping area and a few yards block from scenic Colonial Lake, the Wentworth Mansion places guests on the most ideal location in the city.

Once at the hotel, the guests are right in the heart of Charleston’s historic Radcliffeborough neighborhood. Onsite parking comes complimentary with all room deals. Cab rides to popular destinations of the city are also quite convenient to catch.

Despite being fairly close to all the main action, the hotel sits on a relatively quiet location, next to the College of Charleston. This 1886 mansion pays homage to the city’s heyday of wealth and greatness. The 21-room hotel features tall ceilings, vintage Italian crystal chandeliers and Tiffany glass windows.

The 360-degree all encompassing vault see is a don’t-miss liven, particularly at nightfall. The library and lounge on the anteroom floor offer agreeable spots to blend, read or unwind. Late evening wine and appetizers offers a casual chance to meet different visitors.

While there is no on location wellness office, the inn offers rebates to a close-by exercise center. Visitor rooms highlight extra large beds, 14-foot roofs, unique marble-encompass chimneys with working gas fires, and many rooms incorporate a seat by the window daybed flanked by unique louvered shades with Victorian-time equipment.

Suites are additionally accessible, including the lavish Grand Mansion Suite. Astute touches incorporate Wi-Fi, an incredible sound framework effectively matched up with visitors’ iPods or advanced players.

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