W Seattle

It is quite a bold thing to say that whilst Seattle’s electronic music festival Decibel was going on, the W Hotel was a common playground point for fashionable party-freaks visiting and attending all the exotic parties.

Even in a city orchestrated to promote rock and alternative lifestyle, the W has done a great job to construct an amazingly glam hotel that doesn’t by any means compromise on its brand quality and name. Located on a vibrant and bustling quarter of Fourth Avenue, Seattle’s W lies in the midst of all the high profile action of the city.

How? Let us explain. The hotel is a short walk away from the best department stores of the central shopping area. The Pike Place Market is also closeby. As soon as you leave the hotel’s famous revolving doors, you’re most likely to come across a massive crowd.

The hotel’s interior is so touchy and elegant, it instantly became one of my personal favorites upon entry. Because of being with black, lots of mirrors and hallways that are so dimly lit, the W group of hotels is known to share more similarities with nightclubs than hotels.

This Seattle branch of theirs seems no different folks! Hop in! The daily DJ in the entryway appears to be fairly strange however as heaps of the visitors amid my stay appeared to be around the local area for business.

The staff circled like individuals from a TV generation group with earpieces to enable them to coordinate the activity. It isn’t only for appear, staff are in reality extremely supportive and charming as well. Of the 415 rooms and nine suites, the corner lord suites are the best!

Far from the view however, the rooms are insignificant and nonpartisan. Breakfast at the Trace eatery is an incredible occasion. The privately roused menu is brimming with American regards, for example, corned hamburger hash, browned Brussels sprouts and hotcakes.

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